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We help you to gain more money in your business. We transform your daily Operation to a digital, effective system! With less human resource you can earn more!

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  • Backup & Remote DBA

    Are you short on resources? If your DBA is going on vacation but don't want to hire a full time backup DBA then WE are the solution for you.

  • Beautiful Dashboards

    Nice data visualization always helps to understand business better.

  • Mobile Solution

    Access data anytime from anywhere that gives you unfair business advantage.

  • Data will help you

    We help you to have right data at right time for the right person for any decision point.

  • Simple is the best

    You will understand and you will make money with our solutions. We do the hard work to make it simple.

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NEXSIS Mobile, European database and mobile solutions consulting company, provides high-quality data related consulting services. We are based in Budapest, Hungary, but our client base is spread across the continent.

Database Development

We can design and implement fast and reliable backend solutions. We help you with database design, relational databases, NoSQL databases, Big Data and Real-Time data solutions.

Database Tuning

We can resolve your performance problems quickly and easily and give you perfect guidance to avoid them in the future. We tune up MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle databases into a new level of speed.

Business Intelligence

Let us help you to gain unfair business advantage analyzing your data. You can get more insights and beautiful dashboards. We create data analysis an reports with SSRS, Power BI, Spotfire and Power Excel.

IT Architect Service

We build the optimal IT architecture for your problem. We use Cloud, Web, Mobile and Database Solutions.

WebShop profit launcher

We help you to gain more money in your webshop with our data driven profit boomer solutions. It has free demo for OpenCart and ViruteMart.

Digital Academy

With our Training and Mentoring Program we help you to be more successful leveraging data. We have training in SQL, NoSQL and Excel. Easy to understand, easy to make money from it.

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